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He thought Sansa's eyes would fill with tears at the beauty of everything. In the show though, it's a goddamn endless Tundra with some rocks here and there to spice shit up. Likewise, the Eyrie looks like the fuckin Senate building from Star Wars, and the Hands Tournament looked pathetic. I could go on about Jaime and Cersei's Sept Scene, or how obviously evil Littlefinger is, or how Yara (Great choice changing her name instead of the vastly less significant wildling's, by the way. It's way more important that Osha's name be kept intact than Asha fuck'n Greyjoy's) and the dogs scene is a season long plot that ends up farting in everyone's faces.

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Night king actor game of thrones actor who plays night king game of thrones Night King REAL PLAN Explained. These are questions I hope we get answered during Game of Thrones Season 8. I guess the Children of the Forest rigged up a new Tyrion-style saddle for him so he can go out for horsey rides from time to time. Im sick of Star kucks, and seeing euphoric assholes whinning about a black harry fucking potter character in a play. While a show that actually warrents discussion and prediction is litterally banned.


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Naming your boardroom something witty and irreverent encourages creativity and humor in your employees. Nor do they come from games of Drunken Scrabble, Ouija boards and Magic 8 Balls. Only instead of honoring the human talent in cinema, we honor the brands and products that make silent contributions (well, not always silent) and often help fund the making of those movies. After wins in 2010 and 2011, Apple’s onscreen dominance wilted. Recent winners Budweiser (2013) and Mercedes-Benz (2012) showed up in a distant five and six times respectively.


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Plus the disc itself includes a huge number of further interviews presumably taken from the same sessions. What makes the documentary all the more interesting is that the shoot was far from a smooth one and the contributors don’t hold back in telling us all the gory, bitchy details. It’s almost as fun as the movie itself, and that’s saying something. Due to its length (close to seven hours! and raw nature, it can be rambling and maybe won’t hold your full attention in the same way a standard doc would, but there’s a veritable wealth of great material here as Fuller waxes lyrical about his life, work and worldviews.


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Oh my god: “Sweety, don’t look at the camera! I know. This is a good one: kids like to look in the lens to see themselves. They are these big Panavision lenses that are five inches across, so they like to look in there and see themselves. I could never get them to get their screen direction look correct because they’d look in the camera, so what I did was I asked the prop department to get me a mirror.