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We did get a scene of Cersei outside in King’s Landing. She’s wearing the same gown she wore in leaked set photos from Croatia. The kidnapping plot is still very much on the table. In this image, Cersei looks very very pleased with herself. It looks like she might still be at Winterfell based on the background of the clip. Some have said that most of these clips are from the first two episodes. There is plenty from the battle at winterfell which is episode 3. I would say there is stuff from later episodes as well. The above image of Cersei is most likely from episode 4. NO DIREWOLVES! I mean are we ever going to see Ghost again.

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There’s 100 people in chat, and the person who’s playing Firewatch turns a corner and finds something spectacular. It’s that feeling of all finding it together that I think people really love. I think the audience base is so massive that it’s OK. We gave out thousands — 3,500, 4,500 — of copies of Firewatch to streamers and YouTubers. And we are very much of the opinion that there are just so many potential customers, like tens, and tens, and tens and tens of millions of potential customers, that the best thing we can do for the game is get as many people to believe that it’s great and entertaining as possible. I could literally go onto my Twitter feed right now — which is, whatever, 25,000 people who have self-selected to follow me personally — and be like, “Hey, guys. You should buy it,” and someone will respond, “Oh, cool. What’s this? This looks awesome! And I’m like, “Are you kidding me. What?


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The one RW-Everything finds will be for Windows 8. Home. Key finders that use the registry will find a useless generic key. My laptop came with windows 8 and i dont have the installation disk (is not in the box). I get the motherboard key with the software RwPortable, and I also tried to write it manually and is still not working What should I do. Do you think the file is still valid or if Microsoft has changed file naming. Or perhaps Microsoft has changed file naming for media creation tool. I have been silently blessing you all day for writing this clear and detailed guide which streamlines and demystifies an area of service that does not seem to be very well supported at present. I am sure that for every person who comments here, there are 20 more who are equally grateful for the time, stress and money you have saved them, as I am. It’s good to know that you found my guides helpful and were able to resurrect your machine. I have been designated a Dell Community Rockstar and Microsoft Windows Insider MVP.


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She cited Deborah Ross in North Carolina, Katie McGinty in Pennsylvania and Rep Tammy Duckworth in Illinois as likely beneficiaries of possible Clinton coattails. There are two states where a woman is guaranteed to win: New Hampshire, where incumbent Republican Sen Kelly Ayotte faces Democratic Gov Maggie Hassan, and California, where two Democrats state Attorney General Kamala Harris and Rep Loretta Sanchez square off. Not all the news for women is positive, said Dittmar, who has written research briefs outlining the prospect for female candidates in the House and Senate. Based on current polls, Maryland s 10-member congressional delegation is likely to revert to all-male, which Dittmar called especially notable because Sen Barbara Mikulski, D-Md. holds the record as the longest-serving woman in Congress. Rep Donna Edwards is retiring after losing a bid for the Senate. Maryland could join more than a dozen states with all-male delegations in Congress. If elected, McGinty would be the Pennsylvania s first woman to serve in the Senate and could find herself the lone woman in the state s 20-member congressional delegation. Pennsylvania has a lot of work to do to elect more women, Dittmar said, including better recruitment of female candidates at all levels. They are still contending with a bit of a boys club in Pennsylvania. More minorities Former Illinois Sen Carol Moseley Braun, the first African-American woman elected to the Senate, said she was thrilled to see people running for office who don t fit the traditional role of wealthy, white and male.


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If the Umbers really planned to fight with the Boltons, then why not do it when the much smarter (and less psychotic) Roose is in charge -- someone they could actually make a deal with and have a reasonable chance of not being betrayed. And remember, again, the refusal to kneel or swear an oath -- the writers put that in there for a reason. I think he started at 8 and a couple years have passed. I'm more and more convinced that Smalljon Umber and Rickon have a plan to overthrown Ramsey. It may even involve Osha (that's her name, right? getting into Ramsey's bed and then slicing him up. It could've been just a large regular wolf, I guess. I do remember that Grey Wind's head was almost the same size as Robb's whole torso. They're huge. But I don't think very many people have actually ever seen one, especially up close. And the Umber (I'm also confused as to what supposedly happened to the Greatjon, and I assume this guy is the Smalljon) is just a bit too awesome to be somebody we're not supposed to like.


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Numerics for Apple TV Wear your metrics Get your key metrics delivered right to your wrist. Numerics for Apple Watch Expansive KPI dashboards tailored to your iPad Numerics is custom designed from the ground up for the iPad and iPad Pro to provide a rich and expansive dashboard viewing experience that gives you your entire big picture in numbers at a glance. Numerics for iPhone X Numerics News Mar 11, 2019 Numerics 6 - Where No Dashboard Has Gone Before. Get Numerics The KPI Dashboard App Blog Press Releases Contact About Recent Blog Posts Numerics 6 - Where No Dashboard Has Gone Before. Result: we help protect drivers on the road, and improve results for fleets everywhere. VENTURE FUNDED Credit Sesame Private Company Founded 2010 USA Credit Sesame is a free online personal finance tool that provides the best way for consumers to save money on loans and credit needs. Credit Sesame provides a free monthly credit score and a complete view of your credit and debt all in one place. Our patent pending analytics engine automatically reviews all of your debt, home loans and credit, then evaluates thousands of lending products to bring you unbiased, personalized recommendations for maximum savings. Credit Sesame keeps working for you, delivering free credit and score updates and market monitoring for instant alerts and savings opportunities. Credit Sesame empowers consumers with bank level technology to manage their finances better. Reevoo enables you to join those conversations so you can attract, engage and retain more customers.


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The latest rumours claim it will have a radical edge to edge curved screen - and a screen size boost. It comes days after experts predicted the iPhone 8 will also have wireless charging. Foxconn Technology Group in New Taipei City, Taiwan is making wireless charging modules to go with Apple's next iPhone, due for release in 2017, according to an industry source familiar with the matter, Nikkei has reported. 'But whether the feature can eventually make it into Apple's updated devices will depend on whether Foxconn can boost the yield rate to a satisfactory level later on,' the source told Nikkei. It is not clear whether Apple would offer a wireless charging plate, along the same lines as the one made by Samsung for its Galaxy S smartphones. But a patent application, filed by Apple with the US Patent and Trademark Office in September showed images of a round charging device with a concave top, similar to the plastic wireless charger used by the Apple Watch. The patent was first filed in late 2015 but was only just published last month. While the patent is largely focused on brushing and polishing tools for metallic cylindrical and contoured devices, it also refers to an 'inductive charging station', notes Patently Apple. Previous rumours have suggested new MacBook computers could include a wireless charging module on which the device can be placed to power it up. Last week it was revealed Apple is set to launch three versions of the iPhone 8 next year, including a new 5inch handset. Citing a supply chain source, Nikkei said Apple will release the three iPhones in the following 5.


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. Inc. and EFILM. The University Sponsor is Loyola Marymount University? School of Film and Television. WireImage is the Official Photography Agency and PR Newswire is the Official Breaking News Service of Film Independent. The Ritz-Carlton Residences at L. . LIVE ? all in a single tower), The GRAMMY Museum? the 14-screen Regal Cinemas L.

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All I can remember was a teen who's living with her mom (or grandma? who's crippled. He takes her to some club or concert thing, and they start having at it. Later, the guy and girl go off and travel to places. And I think in one part, the girl kisses her best friend. I also think it said in the beginning that it was some sort of art project. I think its a film from the 1980's. (Definitely not 2000 or later. Does anybody know of a film where a team of researchers stumble across a deep cave. They go to the bottom, but a few of them are attacked and their floodlights shattered by a race of cave people. These cave people have been living in the deep caves for 1000's of years.

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We tried to add water and that just made it worse LOL. But it was still a lot of fun and we hope you have fun watching. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE and click the little bell to see more videos. Leave a comment about what your favorite ice cream is. I like chocolate and vanilla swirl with rainbow sprinkles. I'm Jill and here you'll find videos about fun and cute stuff. Some of my favorite things are My Little Pony, slime, shopkins, LOL Dolls, PlayDoh, squishies, Baby Alive, easy DIYS, and coloring. If you read this far, leave me a comment with your answer: Would you rather eat donuts or. We tried out Orbeez for the the first time and added them to the pool. We had so much fun making this video and we hope you like it. She was cracking up the entire time, so my hope is that other little ones will find this just as funny.

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Battle of Winterfell is episode three tho. Well this plot is ok plot but has too many loopholes in it. Nope, Peter Balish shows up and kills the last man standing and says chaos is a LADDER. I have heard about bran going to isle of faces and that does sound interesting. Eric wilmoth 25 ? ? You could clearly see arya fighting at winterfell so that part is definitely wrong Alex Perry 20. Fighting the Mountain - The trailer sure matches up with alot of that Elizabeth Start 26. Well many of the things are tying perfectly with the trailer Dee Nick 27. While I liked the first version you provided,I find this one absolutely insane. Muzart 29 ?