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It doesn't make any sense as to why Cersei would explain her plan to Jamie and then let him leave. I also think its silly that she thinks 20,000 mercenary troops are going to help her beat either an undead army or two dragons. Seeing Bran explain the situation to Sam was cool even though we already knew the details. I actually thought that Rhaegar and Lyana were married so when Bran started talking about Jon being a Sand bastard I was like huh what. While it was cool to see the undead dragon in action with its blue flame burning down the wall, I would have liked to know what the white walkers original plan for getting past the wall was. They couldn't have known a dragon would fall into their laps. Also, in the books there's a device that allegedly can destroy the wall (a horn iirc) because magic and shit makes things convienient. I'd also argue that Ironborn people are known to be treachearous cowards. Euron may try to backstab the coalition with Cersei right know, but chances are he'll betray her whenever he sees fit. That was the only character interaction that seemed a bit off.


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Strapped into a barber shop chair, the insufficiently black Bruford is subjected to several weeks of sleep deprivation and browbeating with Black History Month materials. Jada Pinkett-Smith comments in that film’s press notes: “basically this film points the finger at ourselves and says we need to be responsible for what types of things we write and what types of roles we take. . She does her best to keep them away from her 10-year-old son. “To me, a lot of difficulties we face as African-American people go back to the Black family,” Lee argued in a Jet Magazine cover story from 2012. “Look at the alarming rate of young Black men killing each other and in prison. Director Hawthorne James, writer Sam Greenlee (“ The Spook Who Sat by the Door ”) and lead actress L. Splitting “Lysistrata” into a first and a last name contemporizes Aristophanes’ lead character as the homonymous “Lisa Trotter. She organizes a sex boycott at a sports bar, and tells her multi-ethnic co-conspirators: “The only way our men have to prove their manhood is to gangbang and make babies. .


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It makes it very special because the film has a Latin American sensibility and heart. . In fact, many of them worked with us in different capacities on location. To have them on set reminded us all of why we were there and led to some really beautiful and poignant moments. . In 1992, he won a Pulitzer Prize for his work as part of the team covering the L. . riots. During the 2010 Copiapo mining accident, while still trapped in the mine, the 33 miners chose to collectively contract with a single author to write an official history so that none of the 33 could individually profit from the experiences of others. The miners chose Tobar,who had exclusive access to the miners’ stories.


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He also worked with Tony Scott three time times, on the films “Unstoppable,” “Man on Fire” and “Spy Game. Somner most recently was the First A. . and co-producer on Martin Scorsese’s critically acclaimed, award-winning “The Wolf of Wall Street. “Inherent Vice” marks his third collaboration as first assistant director with Paul Thomas Anderson, having previously worked on Anderson’s “There Will Be Blood” and “The Master,” the latter for which Somner also served as executive producer. Somner is currently set to executive produce and act as First A. . on the director’s upcoming cold war thriller, due out in 2015. He also recently designed “The Double,” starring Jesse Eisenberg and Mia Wasikowska, directed by Richard Ayoade. As an art director, Crank has worked with some of today’s most talented filmmakers, including Steven Spielberg and Terrence Malick.


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On Thursday, water was pouring into the river from the C-23 and C-24 canals, which stretch into western Martin and St. Lucie counties, at a rate of 705 million gallons a day. Local runoff into the C-44 Canal, which connects Lake O and the river, added another 973 million gallons Thursday. In our case that means an outing on the nearby Androscoggin River in Brunswick. The big windstorm of a few weeks ago has created extra yard work for many of us, so getting away for a daylong outing is not as likely right now. A few hours on the water in a pretty setting provides a much-needed therapeutic interlude. We often bike on the 2. -mile Androscoggin River Bike Path and have talked about canoeing along that same stretch of the river. Launching at the Brunswick Public Boat Launch on Water Street we headed down river with the current, planning an easy hour down, and a little extra time for the return by paddling tight along the shoreline to mitigate the current. A series of islands fills the bend in the river as it starts to turn north and head away from Route 1.


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That was interesting - and him being able to affect people in the past. I like that they've not ended up keeping him shackled to a tree - super interested to see where he goes. We so often see Tyrion's smarts, and his ability to manipulate people and scenarios with words. But every so often, they remind us that he's also brave as fuck - he really is a Lannister. The Children of the Forest making the White Walkers to battle against mankind - but they rebelled against their makers. I'm mostly posting it because the guy is so insanely hot. Sansa's revenge was something I was letting go of the more and more their army was losing. It reminded me of that scene from Cold Mountain how the bodies were piling up. What I didn't realize at first was that Sansa probably never considered they'd be defeated. She never shared with John that the knights of the vale were coming.

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Pod told her Stannis' army was approaching Winterfell and she left her vigil for Sansa to go kill him. Who else would the Bolton's send a search party after. Must have already disembarked as you'd reckon he spot those two sneaking aboard. Something in the trailers that she's given a second chance, but won't get a third or something. I imagine the news wouldn't have been sent out from the ship, because they were still planning on killing Tristane, so guessing that the news went out when the ship landed at King's Landing, then it immediately gets to Dorne. Then there's a scene with Jaime and Cersi indoors and it looks like afternoon, then later on, Tristane gets killed. Is he just hanging on the boat for hours despite it being docked at King's Landing. I think the problem is that the show's getting too big and they're missing the little details that made the show so great in the first 2-3 seasons. This season they had 4 production teams scattered across Europe and they filmed thousands of hours of footage, pulling it all together into 10 or so hours of TV is a massive task. As the show is getting bigger, the production team is getting larger and larger trying to film it all, which means control over show is stretched thin so these little continuity gaps and requiring the audience to fill in the gaps is getting more common.

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