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She said raw cow took the edge off but only human blood did the trick, and that her mom was the same way. So I let her drink my blood a couple times, and became very very merry after drinking it. Not to toot my own horn but I have a pretty sensitive BS-detector and she seemed completely sincere that she had this congenital disease that required she drink human blood, didn’t seem larpy whatsoever. She started taking some sea green algae supplement in large doses and she said she didn’t have to sate the bloodthirst anymore but I didn’t believe her, I think she just felt embarrassed. What happened I wasn’t ready for, these things really aren’t games. I tried to mock it out of her and I think he took revenge on me for it because he left her and entered me instead. For a few years afterward it would make me start crying thinking about it just because it was such an experience of pure evil. I called the thing “Clyde” even though I know that wasn’t its true name.

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The lure of a monster haul causes them to reunite with other members of the old gang. None of the crooks is especially trustworthy, though, so we’re constantly aware of the possibility that a con game is being played on the crooks, cops and us. Here, a foray into the world of art scholars and anthropologists, adds an intellectual subtext to the proceedings, broadening the story’s scope and appeal beyond genre borders. Scott (Jon Foster) and Penny (Sarah Jones) are indie filmmakers who’ve decided to breathe fresh air into their personal and professional relationship by moving to the American Southwest, where supernatural vibes come with the territory. If their remote cabin is an unholy a mess, they quickly discover that they’re living in the shadow of a famously enigmatic sculptor, whose work suggests he’s possessed by the devil. If anything, they resemble the fetishistic appendages and “birds’ nests” found during the investigation of a serial killer in “True Detective. Stumbling upon one of them, while on a hunger-induced vision quest, would give anyone the creeps. They appear to have been constructed by a artist known simply as Mr.

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I think we can agree that not worrying about when your next meal or doctor’s visit is going to be is a big difference. I’ve been poor, and yet I focused on long-term returns — it hurt in the short run, but now I’m doing fantastic. I know plenty of wealthy people who are bitter and plenty of “poor” people who experience a great deal more joy than the average person. Welfare recipients are taught to vote for the “welfare candidates”, not the “education or jobs” candidates. I tried to explain why working and earning my own money was better, and I was constantly met with incredulity. I lived there because the cost of living was great (very inexpensive), and I still earned a decent wage from the big city. Without fail, these bottom-of-the-line income folks smoked, drank, stole, and bought lottery tickets — not only that, the always tried to borrow my money. As for the above lists, I think they’re potentially right on.

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