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Of course historical fiction also tells us stories that we might already know, but it would alter the way the story is told. ASOIAF and GoT are told thought interesting twists, the story would have to be told in a different manner if people already knew the twists. It is obviously a clever device to use in the books because the reader dont literately see pictures of the characters. Telling us that Arya looks a lot like Lyanna and that Jon and Arya are the only siblings who looks alike builds a connection between Lyanna and Jon, and Arya’s personality. In the show we actually see the characters literately, so if Lyanna is suppose to be Jon’s mother then I think it is much more important that the Lyanna who is cast looks more like Kit Harington. It is perhaps especially important since Jon has practically no Targaryen traits, if he doesn’t resemble his father then he should strongly resemble his mother. It seems quite likely that they will use someone who is not well known. I’m more interested for example in what happens to Dany, when she will land in Westeros, or Arya, a very important character, one of my favourites, and that is alive at this point in history, unlike other. Seems most every character has a reason for what they do, misguided or not. Is he part of the three headed dragon and will warg into it.


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You might have to go to the East Coast to find another this size. The group will also take concerts in spring 2012 to San Antonio and Dallas. The eight singers of the ensemble are not only singing together in concert for the first time this week but also singing together for the first time, period. Their first rehearsal earlier in the week was the first time Morrow had assembled them in one place; he hired them separately based on his familiarity with them as individual singers. But don’t imagine that he had any concerns about their ability to coalesce as an ensemble. “I know their voices. These are highly experienced and highly accomplished singers,” he says. “There is a small core of this caliber singer that sings around the country. It’s easy for them to come together and blend. And the results of that blending will be divine, as anyone familiar with the splendors of early choral works can attest.


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Bob O'Hanan and Robin Adair, song, talk and dances. The suit of Henry Weiss against the American Burlesque Association came up for trial Tuesday morning in. -Part 16 of the Supreme. ourt before Justice Giegerieh. Max Steuer, attorney for Weiss asked that the court award his. The gift was a complete surprise and following the brilliant events of the evening, Mr. McCloy was overwhelmed. That was General Pershing's The other speakers potent comments from. McCloy was one of Rodman Wannamaker's committee to welcome the \ Pershing commander in chief. The General -is an ardent Elk and when he left the transport down the bay and boarded the committee's boa,t, the pair chatted for sometime.


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Not a plushie, but just a nice guy, collecting toys for children affected by AIDS and HIV. It’s how he celebrates his birthday every year. Nice guy. Oilcan Harry’s, 211 W. Fourth, 320-8823. GOGIRLS! MEET-UP Calling all independent women in music. Come and meet the same and maybe play some music at this meeting of the local chapter of GoGirls! 8pm. This will be far from depressing though, what with all the live music, kids activities, and heart-healthy Mexican food.


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“I felt like a prostitute, an utter disappointment to myself, my parents, my friends. Media profiles often referred to him as a womanizer. Lurking underneath were darker rumors of creepy behavior, reported in 1989 by Spy magazine and, more recently, by Gawker. According to the 38 women who spoke to The Times, the scope of Toback’s behavior was far more serious. “He told me he’d love nothing more than to masturbate while looking into my eyes,” said Louise Post, who met Toback in 1987 while attending Barnard College. Post, now a guitarist and vocalist for the indie rock band Veruca Salt, added: “Going to his apartment has been the source of shame for the past 30 years, that I allowed myself to be so gullible. In the wake of Oscar-winning producer Harvey Weinstein being fired after reports revealed decades of sexual misconduct, many women have been coming forward with tales of harassment, abuse and assault. You got Toback-ed,’” said Karen Sklaire, a New York drama teacher, actor and playwright who said a 1997 meeting with Toback in an office ended with him grinding against her leg. “The numbers are staggering. Toback isn’t a household name.


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? Untul Info Dan Pemesanan Segera Hubungi Kami Melalui Via. Infonya Yahh (? Rumah dekat kampus UMS Rp415,000,000 Kota Surakarta Dijual rumah milik sendiri karena mau pindah domisili Jogja, rumah dibangun tahun 2011, direnovasi menjadi lebih luas tahun 2017 1. Kamar mandi batu alam ada westafelnya, bisa air panas (pasang sendiri), bisa shower (pasang sendiri) 5. Garasi nya belum terpasang carpot, muat ukuran mobil jazz untuk panjangnya, lebarnya 3m 8. Area perumahan 9. One gate sistem 10. Ada satpam nya kalau malam hari 11. Jalan masuk perumahan muat dilewati 2 mobil jalan depan rumah tidak sempit 12.


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2. Had Arya’s plan (if she had one) explained or had Lady Crane comment on Arya’s non-deadly wound, to make the chase more believable and realistic. The problem was that the majority was really hyped and felt underwhelmed. Episode 9 looks like it will have one of the best sequences in cinematic and tv history. Can’t wait. Why did Arya act like she was in jeopardy and hiding in the dark with Needle in Ep 6, then strolling around blithely in Ep 7. If we’re to believe Maisie, then she was told that Arya didn’t realize they would come after her (possibly, but that wasn’t my impression of the FM, so that’s also a motivation problem). Her line to Jaqen at the end of anger and disappointment was nice, but it just wasn’t set up well, at all. And when you’re confusing your audience about a character’s motivation, then that’s a sign of either sloppy, or first draft, writing. And I say this as someone who’s loved S6, and like a lot of things in this episode.

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As Ingram noted, in her first two seasons on the show she really only interacted with three other people, one at a time, each in Shireen's chamber: Stannis, Davos, and Melisandre. This only changed at the very end of Season 4, when Shireen is shown (without dialogue) in the crowd shot during the funeral at Castle Black. In the books, this means that her hair color is outright black, but in the TV series, it is a lighter shade closer to dark brown. This might be due to the fact that actress Kerry Ingram has naturally light hair, and it was decided that dyeing her hair completely black looked too artificial. This is similar to how Tyrion Lannister in the books has the same golden-blonde hair as his siblings, but because actor Peter Dinklage has black hair in real life, dyeing it to this color didn't match the actor very well, so the makeup team soon switched Tyrion's hair color in the TV series to more of a dirty blonde (Tyrion's original golden-blonde hair can be briefly glimpsed in a few scenes in the first episode of the series). She is described as a sad, sweet, and gentle little girl, far from pretty. She inherited the unattractive features of both the Baratheons and Florents: the square jutting jaw of her father, and the large ears of her mother. When Shireen was an infant, she contracted the dreaded disease known as Greyscale, which is usually fatal. It nearly killed her, but she survived, though not completely: the disease horribly disfigured her, leaving a swath of flesh on her left cheek and neck visibly dead, grey and flaking. As a result - and possibly also her parents' relatively unloving marriage - she became a sullen and quiet girl, withdrawn around all except for the castle's court jester Patchface and her cousin Edric Storm.

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