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Y’know, cos god forbid a group of female characters get to wrap up a story or anything. But the reason why I only sighed disapprovingly at it in my piece on the film, instead of what I’m about to do (which is subject you to multiple A4 pages of me getting angry at the thing), is because Fiona is a character despite that. A fully-formed three-dimensional character who the film asks us to like and sympathise with. Also, her long hair is a wig that covers up the fact that she’s bald because, you know, parody. None of the princesses are remotely interested in anything other than the man that will come and rescue them from their predicament, that and being snippy to one another as those women folk just end up doing when more than one of them are located in the same general vicinity as each other, amiright, fellas. They are vain, shallow, materialistic, and pretty much every trope listed under “Annoying Gal Pal Friends”. They’re supposed to find them shallow, unlikeable, whiny, and petulant. Therefore, their characters do not go beyond the one-dimensional “shallow popular girl” stereotype. You know, the bitchy head cheerleader you see in every high school movie ever.

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I russi pero chiedono i 15 milioni che l’avevano pagato al Rennes. Due settimane di lavoro ad Arta Terme, poi alcune prestigiose amichevoli, anche all’estero, il 2 agosto col Watford. Grande soddisfazione, invece, per lo sponsor Dacia che col Dacia sponsor Day, i nomi di tre piccole aziende al suo posto sulla maglia bianconera, ha vinto il Grand Prix di Pubblicita Italia. Non parla di singoli, ne di moduli, finche non sapra chi avra a disposizione ad Arta Terme (dove ha vinto il primo scudetto Dilettanti alla guida della Romulea contro l’Aldini di Milano). Ringrazia il suo agente Beppe Bozzo, posa con tutti, prende maglia dedicata e sciarpa ufficiale. Non annuncia lo staff che sara, ma Dejan Stankovic compare come per magia al Friuli. Sara lui ad affiancare il romano Strama (immaginiamo i siparietti con Pinzi e Domizzi. in quest’avventura friulana. Ma il pallone italiano rimane prigioniero di antichi vizi.


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The track also shows Ayler's commitment - and here there are similarities with some of John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman's work - to improvised ensemble playing. I am tempted to describe two of the tracks - D. . and Prophet - as traditional avant garde: they are very good, but lack the unique quality of Ayler's most original work, much more similar to John Coltrane's (for instance) work of the time. And if we compare them with Coltrane's work there are weaknesses in Ayler's band - not in his own playing which is intense and remarkable, but in the other two horn players: I find Charles Tyler's alto to be a bit anonymous, while Don Ayler's trumpet (like many free jazz trumpters) tends to fall into a certain Busy Bee style of playing, constantly flitting from note to note but never settling. The other three musicians, Sunny Murray on drums and Henry Grimes and Gary Peacock on basses, are all excellent. My least favourite track is the one that is often picked out as the strongest: Angels. Constant themes of what might be called public brass music are brought into the music - Le Marseillaise, military calls, is that Amazing Grace? - played by the ensemble.


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OK, they're from Scotland, but that's beside the point. But what makes The 'Gwai a cut above is their deft use of melody. Although it may not be immediately apparent, there's always a singable phrase being performed somewhere. Was Pavement's Stephen Malkmus being ironic or infatuated when he said, 'Mogwai will be the best band of the 21stcentury? You decide. Seven remixed and remastered album tracks from CAVA sessions pre-dating the final Tarbox recording sessions. It will definitely appeal to fans of the band and will gain many new ones along the way. FORMAT INFORMATION 2xColoured LP Info: Indies exclusive heavyweight 180 gram double clear vinyl edition. 2xLP Info: Heavyweight 180 gram double black vinyl.


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Happy Labor Day, and I’d like to dedicate this podcast to the memory of my grandfather, Robert Cleve Beers, a life-long Navy man and veteran ball-buster. R. . . Poppop. You might be wondering why this episode is called “Weirwood Goddess 2,” when you’ve never heard of Weirwood Goddess 1. Well, the last episode was Venus of the Woods, and I called it Weirwood Compendium 5. But I realized as I was writing this new episode that all of this weirwood goddess stuff was really a side-branch off of the Odin related thread we were on in the Weirwood Compendium. So, Venus of the Woods has been changed to Weirwood Goddess 1 instead of Weirwood Compendium 5.


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If it turns out you’re always rolling about at 3am, it might be worth seeing if your neighbour’s performing impromptu guitar solos around that time. And although you might wonder when you can charge your Apple Watch if you wear it overnight, the developer notes that shouldn’t be a concern. The app has similar intent to Apple’s nagging, but rewards your heroic activity by dishing out adorable collectable creatures. Before long, you’ll have a tiny owl or little bunny to gawp at, which can romp around 3D AR environments back on your iPhone. Twiddle the digital crown and you get a breakdown of whether you stepped to it (so to speak) earlier in the day and week too. This one's called 'dropping a dumbbell on your foot', Gymatic. Click here to view original GIF GIF: Apple While it wasn’t the only reason I picked up an Apple Watch Series 4 earlier this year, the electrocardiogram feature Apple demonstrated at its big September event was certainly one of the smartwatch’s most unique features. I doubt there’s anything wrong with my ticker, and Apple’s implementation still isn’t as good as the ECG you’d get at the hospital —of course—but it’s fun to see your heart’s electrical activity on your wrist. With the release of watchOS 5.


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I knew all that but didn't think that R could have possibly married L to perhaps legitimize J. So know we know Jon's lineage. s he still a bastard then. To my knowledge, this is still something that is unknown in the books. It's my thinking that at some point we find out that Lyanna and Rhaegar got married in secret. It is unknown but if you trust the clue of the Kings guard protecting him, I would say it's probably true. They would have otherwise been protecting Rhaegar, not Lyanna and the baby. Walkers on one side, Jon, Dany, Cersei and Jamie, Arya, Sansa, Bran, Bronn, Sand Snakes, Theon, Tyrion, crows, wildlings, dragons, baby ghost demons, wildfire, unsullied, kings guard, dothraki on the other. I guess I expected more than some shadowy whispers.

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