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Mother Mole and Wood’s Witches like her North of the Wall, receive visions and prophecies from the Last Greenseer, and being North of the Wall, are surely within earshot of the Others. The prophecy of TPTWP and Azor Ahai are used interchangeably by Melisandre, and the prophecy of a chosen dragon riding hero wielding a flaming Other slaying sword and delivering mankind from darkness and the “ the Great Other, “ is likely to be perceived even more ominously by the folks from the Land of Always Winter. She takes your member in her mouth, and you moan with the pleasure of it and think, how sweet, how fine, how good this is. and then her teeth snap shut and your moans turn to screams. That is the nature of prophecy, said Gorghan. The common assumption here is that the Others woke up “cuz magic” and are killing free folk to build up their armies. And to an extent they probably are preparing their armies. But if we look closer, this conflict seems to be a bit more complicated than all that. We lost more outriders than I care to think about, and it was worth your life to fall behind or wander off. Which calls into question that simpler explanation, as the others really shouldn’t have any trouble exterminating the Wildlings if they wanted to, given the efficacy of their methods. So allowing 100,000 wildlings to invade south seems like it would be a risky move for the Others if they were planning to invade, considering that all those wildlings could make for perfectly good corpse soldiers. So the Others would know that forcing the wildlings south has one inevitable conclusion. But if the Others were only trying to weaken the Watch so they could invade Westeros they might as well use the Wildlings as wight soldiers right off the bat, yet they don’t. The Wildlings have begun to organize, and are preparing an exodus as a result of the Others picking them off.

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And viserion dying with Daenerys acting calm was retarded. She claims they're her children, yet she cares more about Jon snow. And this ones that grinded my gears pretty hard, -Samwell wasn't fucking paying attention when Gilly was reading about Rhaegar's annulment, he didn't react, interrupted her and gave the book to the kid. Now in 7x07 it turns out he heard it and tells Bran about it? -Jon's stupid plan of kidnapping a wight to show Cersei when she has an UNDEAD GUARD by her side all the time. The wight being the only one that doesn't fall down when Jon knocks down the White Walker close to him, which causes all the other wights around to fall, all of them BUT one. Daenerys bringing all the three dragons along, I could see one dragon dying in that exact moment. At first I was like yAaaS it's so good fucking finally but I think it felt like that due to the fact that season 5-6 was absolutely hilariously bad. It sounds hella silly I know but GoT is like my baby that was supposed to become a man but it grew into an autistic neckbeard and it has me forever grieving. Are you not uncomfortable with all the rape and incest scenes. I personally can't watch media that's designed for the male gaze or is really sexist. Honestly, I don't give a shit about male gaze or medieval sexism. Though I will say the show added more gratuitous sex scenes than were necessary. Only a fool would take anything posted here as false.

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The Sign Maker for the very best in Bespoke Signs and Memorials - Ideas for House Names and House Name Signs Ideally the name would give a hint that you'll get free drinks, support a good cause, and have a fun dance party. Step Back Inn is located in historic downtown rural Aztec, New Mexico and built in a Victorian style, decorated American antique replicas. The key question isn’t “Why are some people creative and others not? It is why in God’s name isn’t everyone creative. Where and how was our potential lost? esearch reports and papers have been around a long time. On: 17 Jun 2011: Some great ideas you’ll see below include illusions of people interacting with the sign Some savvy hotels have decided to revolt against the playing field of lackluster titles by branding their packages in innovative and imaginative ways. 90 Creative Dog Walking Business Name Suggestions. Soul Curry - Sol curry (sol kadhi) is a beverage prepared from kokam and butter milk. Creative HVAC Business Generate unique business name ideas for your boutique and instantly check domain name availability. The fact that it is a motel should give you an idea about the quality, but the shape is What it lacks in style it makes up for in creative use of resources. TIP: Funny and creative newsletter names can help How To Brainstorm Blog Name Ideas You’ll Love. Our name generator helps you brainstorm name ideas by generating tons of suggestions. On request, our designers will come up with a whole new design for you.

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After extensive research into areas classified as terra nullius, or 'no man's land', Mr Jedlicka discovered the 2. square mile patch of land along the Croatia-Serbia border. He asked the area's only resident whether he agreed to the nation-building plan and, upon being given the go-ahead, declared the formation of Liberland. If the country was ever formally recognised it would be the third smallest sovereign state in the world, behind the Vatican City and Monaco. With the motto 'Live and Let Live', Mr Jedlicka claims he has already received 500,000 applications for citizenship, as well as financial pledges to set up the structure of a state, including establishing telecommunication infrastructure. Legal experts have also poured cold water on the idea, claiming that although the territory may appear unclaimed, it is almost certainly already part of Croatia or Serbia. A smoky shroud covering a thousand square miles lifted Monday morning, allowing firefighters to unleash helicopters and air tankers, said Carrie Harmon of the N. C. Forest Service. Visibility was so limited Sunday that aircraft were grounded, she said. Reinforcements flowed in by the dozens to battle the stubborn inferno, which grew about a third to nearly 3,500 acres on the peaks near Lake Lure. By Monday, about 350 firefighters were laboring in the rugged slopes on the blaze, which was considered only 15 percent contained. Units from Charlotte and Gastonia fire departments were among those defending the village of Chimney Rock, which has been evacuated since Friday. Fire has surged to the edge of the hamlet, but teams have set up lines that have kept flames away from structures.

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And then their is the general youtube problem of low bitrate, which can make the videos that are encoded there pretty “greasy” depending on the footage. If anybody knows a source for true 1080p GoT trailers do let me know. I was caught a little of guard by the trailer release, other otherwise I would have tried a new more professional approach. Doesn’t get rid of the mediocrity of the source, but it should make the normal versions of the gifs look like the cleaner ones. We will see if it works out when the next trailer hits. Indira is the only one from Dorne who is part of the main cast. It’s not Rory’s. As a Scotsman, I can say with 100% confidence it is not Rory. Having the Hounds voice in the trailer would be a huge spoiler. The only thing in common is that is in a relatively dark room with sunlight streaming through the window. You can clearly see the candelabra dangling behind Sansa to the right of the shot, and as someone else has shown, they have candelabras in the North (although WFs is way more grand). Sansa is also wearing a heavy fur mantle- a dead giveaway she’s still in the North. And why would he use fire as a weapon if it were a wildling when a sword or axe would do a much better job. It’s pretty obvious this is a Wight and this dude is either Benjen, Coldhands (or a TV amalgamation of both).

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But for now, while Tarantino and his crew sit on standby for the first flake of snow, Empire is taken to a ski lodge in the town of 2,000 and simply asked to wait. And as the production waits on snowfall, so we will wait to speak to the director. We’re handed a script with the title page torn off in a familiar hand-scrawl that reads, “Chapter One: Last Stage To Red Rock”. This is the new version, the one Tarantino dangled in front of potential buyers at this year’s American Film Market. “There are five chapters,” explains producer Stacey Sher. “For a certain period of time people could only read chapters one through four, and then people on the crew slowly got chapter five — but it didn't have the ending of the movie. The reason for all this secrecy is that The Hateful Eight is the director’s first mystery-thriller. It starts with bounty hunter John Ruth (Kurt Russell) bringing in wanted criminal Daisy Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh) to stand trial in Red Rock. Along the way he first meets two strangers, Major Marquis Warren (Jackson) and Chris Mannix (Walton Goggins), who claims to be a sheriff. These four make up half of the titular gang, who will assemble at the supposedly snowbound Minnie’s Haberdashery, where things get interesting. It’s unusual for Tarantino to be this cagey with his scripts. This one, though, went out into the world before he was through with it. “Quentin's never been a person who's shy about sharing his work,” says Sher. “But what he didn't want to share was a work in progress, and every artist deserves the right to guard their creative process.

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Thankfully those allergic reactions weren't anything severe. I thought it was within the realm of possibility for her not to ask. Why would she be asking about something that could kill her? Shes been possessed by a demon who is ideally ment to inhabit a male body, like she isnt even in there, its Piamon. And she would have been able to see if there were nuts in that cut when it was cut and she saw the cross section and seeing there were no actual nuts in the cake I don’t blame her. The cake was just cut with the same knife as the nuts earlier that she didn’t see. The random words written all over the house, are the phonetic pronunciation of the chant that the cultist gives to the mom, hinting that the Granma had chanted that to Charlie so many times that it was somewhere inside her mind. You can hear the lady shout them from across the road before Paimon tries to take Peter's body at school. Granma had no actual milk, Paimon takes over people who are very near death, she let Charlie starve to almost death so Paimon could enter her as a newborn. Afterwards she fed her from a bottle, as shown in the pictures. There are hints that she also starved her own husband trying to do the same. The random shit over the table scene is there to show that the cultists used dioramas of situations as ritual focus, and was why Charlie had learned from her granma to make that kind of effigy (her creepy toys), and that might be why Toni Collete learned to make miniatures in the first place. He deceived Annie by making her BELIEVE she was tied to the book when in reality Paimon was just controlling everything the entire time. He burned her husband immediately to cause that emotional suffering to make her break.

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He’s imperfect because he is successful insofar as extracting the demon from Regan (fulfilling what Lennard calls male fantasies of a man rescuing a beleaguered child or woman). But he’s insufficient as a true replacement father figure insofar as he is, in a sense, a feminine-patriarch (often read as a queer figure and not able to participate in family manifestations of patriarchy) and how that is linked with his need to kill himself once possessed by the demon (in an almost maternal or matricidal form of extreme self-sacrifice) as if this demonic iteration of masculinity is also overly toxic and unsustainable. This differs just slightly from Scahill’s view of Regan’s body as a site for queer rebellion; and, interestingly, the use of queerness within Regan can be seen as both threatening to patriarchal and heteronormative order, as well as a way of ultimately re-affirming the need for that very patriarchal and heteronormative order. In other words, Regan in her possessed state is overall coded as horrific and villainous and when she is physically attacked by Father Karras at the end, it is yet another layer of patriarchal punishment and abuse (almost akin to a violent form of fatherly discipline) for all the transgressions (especially those that prove sexually non-normative or non-gender-conforming) possessed-Regan has consistently and grotesquely displayed. This recalls some of the cultural contexts also offered in “ Projected Fears: Horror Films and American Cinema ” by Kendall Phillips. Phillips puts forth a crucial definition of apocalypse, that points to the film’s representation of a revelation of truth that breaks a cultural or societal illusion; Phillips claims that one of the functions of apocalyptic narratives is to critique existing social structures. However, Phillips feels that the critique in The Exorcist is aimed most at scientific and medical technologies. Another piece which deals directly with such incongruities is Todd Berliner’s “ Hollywood Incoherent ” chapter, which looks directly at the conceptual incongruity between what is presented as good and what is presented as evil in the film. Once again, I would enter into this area of scholarly discussion by way of considering how gender (feminism and patriarchy) and familial roles (mother and father as well as mother and child, or father and child) are coded within still larger dichotomies of good and evil, traditional and modern. I hope my argument will somewhat complicate or go beyond much of the existing scholarship that looks at how gender roles function and interact within The Exorcist. So to see the problematic aspects of that in Japan’s particular case, to consider the built-in tensions resulting from attempts to move beyond its recent history (or as referred to in the piece, its tension between legacy and future, past and present), and how those manifested in cinema, was really interesting. The idea that the Jeep runs on human will-power, or that the film points toward themes and questions of media saturation (I thought the commentary on the television executives, and the mass nature of the medium at large, was in fact quite powerful). The following idea that Dr. Cook puts forth about trains and cars being surrogates for athletes in this era of Japanese filmmaking was fascinating to me.

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Just click on the link of the drug you are taking and read what the drug companies say themselves about the drug they produce. You decide if you should be taking anyone of these drugs. It is not the doctor’s responsibility to check out this drug, but yours. You will notice that the drug companies tell you to ask your doctor if a certain drug is “good” for you. That would be like asking a used car salesman if this car is good for me. 99% of the time he will say, yes of course it is because he wants to sell you the car. I believe that the person being asked or told to take a certain drug, should do his or her “due diligence” and see what the drug companies say about the drug they are producing. They are telling the world what drugs they are making and what results they are seeing from the people taking them. You need to listen to what they are putting in print. Now, if you decide that a certain drug being prescribed for you is “not good” for your health then you should have every right to deny taking it. Each one of us personally needs to take responsibility for what enters our temples. I hope everyone will research what has been written to warn us all of the dangers of many pharmaceutical products whether they are in the form of pills, vaccines, intravenously or any other manner of entering the body. MMS products are used in the sacraments of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing is non-religious; and believes that taking control of our own health is a 'God given right' to be viewed as a 'sacrament' or 'sacred right' that each of us must freely enjoy.

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This is a must see film even if you are not a huge fan of musicals. If you can see it in the cinema do so but having a copy to watch at home is great also. Arrived on the release date and we've already watched it twice! LOL. The plot is loosely based around the life and Career of P T Barnum (who was no doubt an evil man in reality). And the music in this film is addicting, fun and very well done, alongside some excellent routines and choreography. Zac Efron finds his feet easily, after some overly-similar 'drunken college-dude' roles, with a nod back to his High School Musical days. Hugh Jackman sounds surprisingly good while singing. Often at work, I'll just start hearing 'The Other Side' in my head. The cover is just a piece of printer paper loosely wrapped round the case. The printing on the cover looks like it's home printed from a bad photo of a real cover. The cover isn't even big enough to cover both sides of the case, with big uneven gaps showing the cheap generic case underneath. No hologram either. Every other shop, like Argos have a proper sleeve.

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We recommend By Zergnet Cancel all appointments. which took 25 days). The sixth season of Game of Thrones is upon us, premiering on April 24th on HBO. Thematically, it’ s the only thing that makes om the start, GoT has been about a progressive younger generation rejecting the factional, inward- looking, self- destructive ways of their precursors in order to deal with the bigger picture. A great many spoilers ahead, obviously. 4 Audeze Mobius gaming headset review: ' High quality 3D sound powered by fascinating tech'. We also know that casting directors were looking for a boy of about 8- 12 years to play someone from a poor background, which does rather suggest the young Ned Stark. So no pressure ’ s certainly going to be an epic finale. HBO GO is free with your subscription through participating TV providers. Ended well over a year ago, in August, but we’ ve still got a while to wait before we find out what happens after that Game of Thrones season 7 was reported in Metro. To think of the Hound, and Tormund, and all those guys this last season was just magical. The chase for the Throne is the ultimate symbol of The Old Ways, and the chair has only damaged anyone who has held or pursued it. only ( some) of the cast and crew know exactly what will happen. - the first time they’ ve helmed an episode of the series.

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