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Czy tez o to, ze Jaime i Cersei nie sa dziecmi Tywina. Tyrion na smoku. Tyrion na smoku zamieniajacy Cersei w zawartosc popielniczki. Oprocz tego 'zdeformowane' cialo Tyriona moze wskazywac na pewne powiazania z Targaryenami, u ktorych dosc czesto rodzily sie potworki (Rhaego chociazby, ale i we wczesniejszych pokoleniach rowniez), martwe lub uposledzone dzieci, albo dzieci, ktore wyrosly na swirow. No i Tyrion tez ma chwile fantazji o seksie z Cersei. W tym momencie mozna plynnie przejsc do argumentow przeciwko tej teorii. Najsilniejszym 'za' bylo zazwyczaj wyznanie Tywina na tronie smierci: 'nie jestes moim synem'. Tyle ze. nieco wczesniej powiedzial to samo Jaimemu, gdy ten odmowil opuszczenia Gwardii Krolewskiej. Bardziej to wyglada na wyraz zawodu Tywina, zwlaszcza w swietle odpowiedzi Tyriona ('oczywiscie ze jestem twoim synem, ty stary pierniku') i pozniejszej opinii siostry Tywina ('Tyrion bardziej przypomina Tywina niz ty, Jaime'). Joanna Lannister Najmocniejsze poszlaki i zarazem argumenty przeciw daje nam jednak Joanna Lannister. Nie wiemy czy ok. 9 miesiecy wczesniej Joanna spotkala sie z Aerysem. - w 267 AC umiera lord Tytos Lannister, Aerys z polowa dworu przybywaja do Casterly Rock - w 272 AC Joanna przybywa do Krolewskiej Przystani by przedstawic krolowi bliznieta.

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If you currently only have access to the Slim packages, the good news is that Sony adds new markets quite frequently, so it’s possible live local channels will be available for you in the future (though, at a higher monthly bill). You can find which local channels are available on Sony’s PS Vue page. There are a few add-on channels and features available, as well. Subscribers to PlayStation Plus (Sony’s premium online service for PS4 and PS3) will get discounts on some of those packages, and some channels are exclusive only to Plus subscribers in the first place. Similarly, PS Vue ties directly into the PS4 interface and the PlayStation ecosystem at large, which makes adopting it almost a no-brainer for PlayStation players looking to add online TV — provided the pricing and channel listings meet your needs. This is not to say that only PlayStation users should adopt PS Vue; the service’s robust channel listings will appeal to anyone who wants lots of stuff to watch, and it could be a good option for larger families sharing one account. PS Vue lets users create up to five user profiles, with up to five streams at a time. Keep in mind, however, that using PlayStation Vue on a TV or set-top device is a very different experience than using it on a mobile device — some channels will be inaccessible on the go due to licensing restrictions. Further, you can’t access any of your recorded content on a mobile device. If you’re eager to read more about Sony’s service and its litany of pricing options and features, give our PS Vue guide a peak. Those considering the service will want to do some research to see if DirecTV Now is offering any deals or discounts. In the past, the service has offered some pretty impressive limited-time promotions that could get you some better entry-level prices, and even a free streaming device. While you may get a great deal, DirecTV lacks some features shared by most of the other systems, specifically a cloud DVR. It’s also worth noting that DirecTV Now has a severe limited on channels that can be paused, fast-forwarded, or rewound compared to other services.

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Sure enough, the jogging footsteps approached but halted fifteen yards off. Her view was blocked by the park shrubbery hiding both of them, but she heard panting. Resting a palm flat on the flagstone sidewalk, she leaned to her left and found his distorted reflection in the restaurant window across the street. He was only a dark shape in the soft lighting of the park, but she made out his hooded sweatshirt and ball cap. She lost him when he moved forward, resuming his pursuit. When he did, Nikki thrust herself upward, ready to bat his face with the three-foot roll of Turkish wool. He pitched forward, bent over in a stoop, desperately fighting gravity and losing. Rook crash landed with an “oof! on the slate flagstones, managing, at least, to shield his face, putting his forearm between it and the sidewalk as he dropped. While she dabbed the dried blood from his upper lip and nose, she said, “Rook, think back over the past year. Satisfied, he lobbed it into the trash can. “What’s wrong with us, Nikki. Two old lovers with unfinished business running into each other on a New York sidewalk? .

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Wil dat zeggen dat heel haar verhaallijn in seizoen 5, waarin Arya traint om niemand te worden, helemaal voor niets was. Oke, het was een zwakkere aflevering, maar als we verscheidene bronnen mogen geloven, staat ons een geweldige aflevering 9 te wachten. Begrijp me niet verkeerd, No One was nog steeds een zeer entertainende aflevering, maar voor een achtste aflevering had ik er iets meer van verwacht. Denk maar eens terug aan Hardhome of The Mountain and the Viper. I don’t think he’s capable of actual love. 7. Well it only took 13 minutes for me to start tearing up. This Sansa and Theon scene has done it. ? 8. Theon heading back to face the Bolton men, after everything he’s been through, just to save Sansa, is so damn good. ? 9. YAAASS BRIENNE.

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Come to Red Creek after marrying a dandy twice her age. Don’t know if she really loved him or not, but she’d certainly carried on when those corpses tore the old boy apart in front of the apothecary like a pack of starved coyotes. Except for me and Deke, we were strangers, thrown together by circumstance. There was a nasty bite on his arm, and a chunk of flesh missing from his thigh. The doc took care of him as best he could, but the poor bastard died just the same. Before he did, he told the doc and his helpers about Hamelin’s Revenge. That’s what folks back east were calling it, on account of some story about a piper and some rats. They overran an Indian reservation back east, which wasn’t a surprise, as far as I was concerned. I’d seen the conditions on those reservations, and figured those people would be better off sleeping at the bottom of an outhouse. They were dead. Guts hanging out. Maggots clinging to their bodies. But they still moved. And bit.

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They made Jon their king, and if he's willing to sacrifice the North's independence in exchange for security, then what was the point of all these people dying. By the way, most of the North, let alone the rest of Westeros, doesn't even know or believe that the White Walkers are coming. As far the rest of the Northerners are concerned, the restoration of House Stark was about their independence from the south. Predicting how the North would react to Jon Snow's non-existent claim to Winterfell and the North is exactly like predicting how half of the Seven Kingdoms reacted to Joffrey's illegitimate birth. If the Northerners find out Jon's a false-king, some of them will plot to remove him and place one of their preferred candidates on the throne. Her not telling Jon that she sent for help, caused the death of over 1,000 men. Sure, he met with lords when Robb was in the South, but he's never led anybody. Jon has been an administrator while he was Lord Commander, and he's led men into battle. One of the big reasons that the Northmen declard Jon their king was becuase of his bravery on the battlefield, Bran can't even walk (or even continue the Stark bloodline, according to Ned, and you know, because he can't get it up). If the Northmen cared about who's a Stark and who's not, they would have made Sansa queen. It think it's ignorent to think that the Northern lords automatically be against Jon being on the Iron Throne because he's not a full Stark. Bran is a cripple, and Sansa is a girl that has ZERO leadership experence. Those are they're two fallbacks they have (well, maybe Arya, but she doesn't have any leadership experence either). If your a northren lord which these four choices (Jon, Sansa, Bran, Arya) do you go with?

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Brienne has returned to Winterfell (probably at episode 1). The King in the North has gathered the Northern Lords to discuss how the North will be ruled. Sansa and Davos are definitely acting as Jon’s right hands. Sansa could be watching how Jon is leaving Winterfell. LF might tell her that it’s the moment to finally act and take matter into her own hands. Bran and Meera are probably standing before the Wall’s gate. I can’t believe that Daenerys would want to welcome her into her team. We already know that Varys isn’t to keen on the Red Priests and besides, he has found out about Mel’s failures. Melisandre tells Varys that she’s leaving Westeros soon right before seeing Jon arriving in Dragonstone as well. I don’t think Melisandre will get much screentime at all this season. This could be one of the few scenes she’s appearing in. From Arya’s facial expression, she might be quite surprised. Among the 11 men are: Jon, Tormund, Jorah, the Hound, Thoros, Gendry, Beric. Littlefinger won’t be happy about the way Jon’s treating him and start to turn more evil against the King in the North.

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Aside from the scare factor, the reason why the second film was a success was that it worked so well within the framework of the existing story, intertwining the narrative to make it an essential part of the overall experience. Well, by going back to the childhood misadventures of Katie and Kristi, we now have a whole heap of new information to process, all caught on good old VHS. This time around we have some new characters, namely the mother and stepfather of the junior versions of Katie and Kristi. Julie is exactly like her daughters, sceptical to her haunted surroundings but willing to tolerate her foolish beau's wish to play detective. It's perhaps rather convenient that Dennis (this film's stand-in for Micah) is a wedding videographer, but without that helpful career choice we wouldn't have a movie. Dennis does a lot to drive the story forward by reviewing as many of the tapes as possible, but really it's the late night goings-on of the two girls that keeps the action progressing. When the lights go down and the floorboards start to creak, the suspense becomes almost unbearable. To direct this third outing, the producers chose to hire documentarians Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, the co-directors of last year's opinion dividing Catfish. I'll be honest, I wasn't quite sure what to think when I heard about their hiring. I'm a firm believer that the story behind Catfish's unforeseeable finale is 100% real, so thought them to be either a ridiculous or inspired choice of directors. A nyone who's seen Catfish will agree that these guys can certainly rack up an astounding amount of tension, but could they transfer those skills to a narrative feature. On the contrary, this film introduces a concept that's both ingenious and authentically lo-fi. Using his videographer equipment, Dennis straps a camera onto a modified desk fan, thereby allowing for a smooth 'to and fro' panning shot of the kitchen and living room. Instead of scanning the static frame with your eyes waiting for something to jump out at you, you're now going towards them.

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Where to see it right now: In theaters ( watch the trailer ) Share on Facebook Pin it A24 23. Swiss Army Man Released: June 24th Cast: Paul Dano, Daniel Radcliffe, Mary Elizabeth Winstead Director: Dan Kwan, Daniel Scheinert Why it's great: You might think a movie that opens with a suicidal man riding a farting corpse like a Jet Ski wears thin after the fourth or fifth flatulence gag. As Radcliffe's dead body springs back to life -- through karate-chopping, water-vomiting, and wind-breaking -- he becomes the id to Dano's struggling everyman, who is also lost in the woods. If your childhood backyard adventures took the shape of The Revenant, it would look something like Swiss Army Man, and be pure bliss. Where to see it right now: Rent on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, and VOD ( watch the trailer ) Share on Facebook Pin it Fox Searchlight 22. The mesmerizing photography and ecstatic personality of A Bigger Splash will leave you tipsy, so please, bring a designated driver. Where to see it right now: Rent on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, and VOD ( watch the trailer ) related 16 Underrated Action Movies You Can Watch Right Now related The 21 Best Movies of 2015 Share on Facebook Pin it Magnolia Pictures 21. The Handmaiden Released: October 21st Cast: Kim Min-hee, Ha Jung-woo, Kim Tae-ri Director: Park Chan-wook ( Oldboy ) Why it's great: Some movies splash across the screen, others turn scenes into bold brushstrokes. The Handmaiden, an erotic thriller with twists and turns and thrusts aplenty, is Park Chan-wook's drip painting. Set in 1930s Korea, the movie follows Sook-hee, a pickpocket, who slips undercover into the staff of a sheltered heiress, with hopes of luring the deep-pocketed woman into the romantic grasp of her con-man partner in crime. The problem: Sook-hee falls madly, lustfully in love with her target. In The Handmaiden, single, sensual drops -- a prolonged glance, the zipping up of a dress, whispered white lies -- fan out through the entire two-and-a-half-hour narrative into the unexpected. Where to see it right now: In theaters ( watch the trailer ) Share on Facebook Pin it Universal Pictures 20. Riffing on every facet of the post-Justin Bieber era, this musical mock-doc is the perfect vehicle for the Lonely Island's bombastic pop singles and celebrity-skewering satire.

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Every BJP leader has the duty to reach up to the marginalized sections so as to ensure their growth and development, he added. Ashok Kaul, while discussing the details of various issues related to the Parliamentary Elections, alloted various Constituencies to the senior leaders of the party. He stressed that these leaders will personally supervise all the developments related to the Parliamentary Elections by conducting “Pravas” in these constituencies. He said that these leaders will ensure that the party ideology reaches the masses through conduction of various programmes among the common masses. He also stressed on the strengthening of booth level structure of the party. State Vice-President Yudhvir Sethi, State General Secretary Pawan Khajuria, State Secretaries Er. Ghulam Ali Khatana, Sanjay Baru, Anil Parihar, MLCs Vikram Randhawa, Girdhari Lal Raina, former Minister Priya Sethi, Daljit Singh Chib, Kuldeep Raj Gupta, Subhash Jandyal, Munish Sharma, Rashpaul Verma, Rajinder Singh Chib, Chander Mohan Gupta, Altaf Thakur, Rajeev Charak and Jagdish Bhagat participated in the meeting. BJP National General Secretary Dr. Anil Jain addresses Press Conference Congress Murdered Democracy to remain in power: Dr. Anil Jain Congress murdered democracy for its lust to remain in power, this was stated by BJP National General Secretary, while he addressed a Press Conference at the party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar. While The then Prime Minister of country, Indira Gandhi ditched the Nation by imposing “Emergency “in the country. All the stalwarts of politics as well as social activists were arrested and jailed at the convenience of then government, whereas the media was gagged. Emergency was not a period but a cold blooded murder of all the democratic voices of the Nation. For shielding the mass Corruption in the elections, formed the basis of imposition of emergency in the Nation by a virtual Dictator.

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