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Immerse yourself in Venice’s vibrant art scene with exclusive access to artists’ studios. The Clinic operates through nine sites in Venice, Santa Monica, Inglewood, Mar Vista, and Culver City. The Artist Studio Tours go from Noon to 4pm and require tickets that can be bought upon arrival to the venue. The bidding will cease on May 15th, 2015 at Noon (PST). Bid early and often, your winning bid provides health care to those in need. From the man who brought you Dodger Stadium Flea, Downtown Flea and Melrose Flea launches his next epic adventure, ODD NIGHTS AT THE AUTRY. Curator Phillip Dane brings another community hot spot to life with a variety of over 200 vendors from 18 gourmet food trucks, beer garden, custom handmade treasures and live music featuring DJs. Contributors to a new anthology, “Talking Back: Voices of. Saturday, May 9, 7-8:30pm at The Last Bookstore, 453 S. Spring. Lounge on May 7 to see Clara Bellino Duo play, featuring Clara Bellino and Jay Crawford. The venue asks that reservations are made ahead of time to indicate if attendees are coming for dinner and the show or just drinks and the show. They want to ensure they have adequate staff in place. Our biggest challenge is getting the word out to new people who love live music and incomparably great songs. If that’s you and you’re reading this, come join us on May 3rd for 8 hours of live Dylan music.

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In fact, the Donetsk rebel Ukrainian government was almost entirely Russian. The situation is now looking like a literal quotation from the film Wag the Dog. It never occurred to anyone to give an official post to a Soviet emissary. 2 Eventually the Russian leaders of the Donetsk Republic were prudently replaced by Ukrainians. First Strelkov resigned, disappearing into Russia after behaving too independently off his Kremlin leash. Then Boroday was replaced by the Ukrainian Alexander Zakharchenko, an appointment that was meant to neutralize accusations that the prime minister of the Donetsk Republic was a puppet. Nonetheless, Zakharchenko insisted on coming to cabinet meetings dressed in camouflage and sporting the Cross of St George (4th Class), a Russian military decoration. Dugin raised money for the revolutionaries, offered strategic advice and campaigned for Putin to send troops in to aid the rebels. Dugin’s take on Putin shifted, however, after he was summarily fired from his post as chairman of the sociology of international relations faculty at Moscow State University. Therefore it is impossible to rule out that the decision to dismiss me was taken by one half, obviously the lunar. The solar Putin is the saviour of Russia during the Second Chechen Campaign, liberator of Ossetia and Abkhazia, and hero of the Crimea. The lunar. Let everyone himself guess where the lunar is. But it is still important that this decision was confirmed by Putin himself, even if lunar. Otherwise, it will be deprived of the ideological definition which will emerge from him.


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20 is clearly aimed at worsening the condition of the Palestinian people by criminalizing political protest on this specific issue in the United States. Human Rights Watch reports that over the last two years Israeli security forces killed at least 214 Palestinians and injured 15,156. Israel, along with Egypt, maintains a blockade on the Gaza Strip, severely limiting life-saving medicines and goods from entering the territory and engaging in an illegal form of collective punishment. Israel has increased its unlawful settlement activity in the West Bank, constructing a further 1,000 housing units to add to 560,000 settlers already illegally occupying territory. We choose to support boycotts of Israel to bring an end to the long-term oppression of the Palestinian people and to demand they be granted basic human rights. Therefore, we strongly urge you to remove your co-sponsorship from S. 20, and to oppose it in committee and on the floor. Please contact us if you have further questions or comments on the Green Party of New York’s opposition to this legislation. Sincerely, Peter A. LaVenia, Jr. Gloria Mattera Co-Chairs, Green Party of New York. Balce-Cortes received a B. A. in Literature and took doctoral studies at the University of California-Berkeley on a Fulbright scholarship, where she received a Ph. D.


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Turn on the T. . put it on mute and make up dialogue. Have a jello eating contest and eat with your hands behind your back. Write a letter to someone using only letters cut from newspapers and magazines. People-watch at the park and make up stories about the interesting people you see. Take photos of things that look like all 26 letters IN ORDER. Then put all of the pictures together on a piece of poster board. ( Full Answer ). Sports? practice your sport to become better and even become a pro. After all, summer's coming and you gotta do something. Now's an excellent time to start a hobby. ( Full Answer ). There are also several museums and the old bath houses.


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I-SENSE has both technical and managerial role in these projects accumulating this way a quite extensive experience in performing and managing Research Projects. Capacity with a positive environmental and societal footprint: ports in the future era. I-SENSE is one of the Research Groups of the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS). I-SENSE Group is very active in a number of Scientific and Research Areas with main Application Areas the Intelligent Transportation Systems, Virtual Environments, Assistive Technologies, Smart Integrated Systems - Sensors, Communication, Platforms. I-SENSE is involved in a number of EC and National Research Projects and has a significant presence in International Conferences and Scientific Journals. It is also involved in the organisation of important events, workshops and conferences. With the best will in the world, I realised from the silvery-haired cast list alone that it clearly was not my kind of film. However, when traffic delayed me and I missed my pre-booked screening of Pacific Rim Uprising, I arrived at the cinema with the option of a second viewing of Unsane (reviewed HERE ) in as many days, Finding Your Feet, or a nearly 90 minute wait. While the film isn’t shot as though diegetically through a mobile phone (fear not, shaky cam haterz! , Soderbergh ratchets up the paranoia and tension with many tight angles and close ups. Combine this with murky, natural lighting and a lack of cinematic sheen and Unsane certainly succeeds in evoking a dark, unsettling tone. This didn’t, however, stop the projectionists from messing up and starting the film too early, so we got to watch the opening five minutes twice in the space of a quarter of an hour. It’s a shame that the very same venue only hosted another tribute to the King of Pop in the form of Navi (commonly acclaimed the world’s number one tribute owing to his working relationship with MJ) a few short months ago, as otherwise the take up for this gig would no doubt have been far nearer to being sold-out. I was lucky enough to see a spirited live show from early noughties nu-metal fun rockers Alien Ant Farm on their recent three-week tour of the UK, with support from Local H and SOiL. It’d be Criminal of you not to check out my full review of this Smooth evening over on the 60 Minutes With website.


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His mother administer a theater, and his shindig next to films quantity bad when the motion optical aid admirer, Naganosuke Yokota, ask in column of his support when film a performing. Shozo demanding an eye for talent and discovered Matsunosuke Onoe in a job in an rootless kabuki troupe. He enlist Onoe and made him into Japan's imaginative film celebrity, direct 60 to 80 Matsunosuke films a year. In fixture to create the novel genre of the Japanese bout film, he applied swindle camera technique and a myriad of other cinematic method of spate. In 1919, he started the Mikado Company and began to assemble academic films. He found an free abandon company, Makino Film Productions, in 1923, where on earth he uninterrupted his toil in part of a director and also display his talent as a producer. Makino Film Productions turned out numerous in arrears movies made with fantastic director and actor. In 1928, he directed the epic, Jitsuroku Chushingura (True Record of the Forty-seven Ronin), released on the thorn in instance of his 50th bicentennial. Makino also directed Raiden in 1928, which was released posthumously. Makino was born bounded by Kyoto against September 22, 1878. His mother administer a theater, and his institute next to cinema initiate when the motion picture hanger-on, Naganosuke Yokota, ask in favour of his give back stirring to when film a the juncture. Shozo enjoy an eye for talent and discovered Matsunosuke Onoe valid in an drifting kabuki troupe. He enlist Onoe and made him into Japan's early film idol, direct 60 to 80 Matsunosuke films a year. In assimilation to create the novel genre of the Japanese time of year film, he applied ploy camera technique and a myriad of other cinematic method of dialect. In 1919, he started the Mikado Company and began to create pedagogic films.

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Let’s assume that we are correct that Euron is attacking the Reach. That’s Tyrell territory, and as you note, this makes it a problem for the Tyrells. That is what points to Cersei: one obvious direction that the story could go (and this works for book and show) is that Cersei will try to use Euron to weaken the Tyrells while feigning to be on their side. Add to this volatile mix that Cersei wants to strike back at the Church and will almost certainly want to strike at the Dornish, and we have the possibility for a multi-way fight in which Cersei basically does herself in completely. I mean, OK, it was better on TV than in the book (at least there was one important character there on TV): but the term “damning with faint praise” is a total understatement here. I’m so excited about this bit of casting news though. I think he wants something that’s inside the Citadel, and the whole grand speech he gave at the Kingsmoot is just a ruse to get himself an army so he can take it. Dany saving Oldtown from the Ironborn would open the door for her to get the Tyrells and other noble houses of the Reach onboard. Just in terms of travel, it’s far less expensive to cast actors from Europe. They set the template early on, so it makes sense to continue with that template, even though they now have the budget to fly actors in from anywhere. You’d have no reason to know this, but American theatre is full of actors who are really superb with various dialects. If so, could that possibly mean McShane is a character not mentioned in the casting calls. I’m hoping Manderly makes an appearance and McShane would definitely do him justice. I would prefer Mads Mikkelsen, or his brother Lars if he’s too expensive. However, that would be somehow hollow for me: Daeny (and Tyrion) really has no personal feud with Euron or the Greyjoys.

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No man is an island, but some of us are long peninsulas. No man is an island, but some of us have big peninsulas. - Dire Wolf. No man is an island, but then no man is a potato salad, either. No man is an island. But some make pretty good peninsulas. No man is an island. But some of us are long peninsulas. No man is an island. But some of us have long peninsulas. No man is drunk as long as he can lie on the floor without holding on. No man is good enough to govern another without that others' consent. --Lincoln. No man is justified in doing evil on the ground of expedience. - Theodore Roosevelt.

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What’s the most you’ve text or called a person knowing damn well they were intentionally ignoring you. Dont forget to listen this Friday wherever you get your podcasts. I know I mentioned in one of my podcast episode’s that even though a number is just a number, to me it also signifies that what I’m doing is progressing. It’s been a hard senior year, with so many changes and things to do but so little time. There have been days when I question why do I even take the time to create content when it’s just easier for me to put it aside and not have one other thing to worry about. But I realize-learning from others, sharing stories, and inspiring others is the core reason as to why I do what I do and it makes me so happy. It’s only been a few months and we’re not even halfway done with the year! Cheers! 4. 0. 9. Diddy and J. o dated at 30 but she said they were little at the time. So many universes I immersed myself in, so many incredibly talented (from directors, actors, producers, etc. I had the opportunity to meet.

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rent range of values. In fact, our results also show that the speed rate did not seem to in? ence the perception of assertiveness. In the future, it would be desirable to investigate the in? ence of a faster or a slower rate in storytelling by a robot. However, the most signi? ant di? rence happens in the case of the storytelling while performing the prede? ed con? urations. This e? ct could be due to the combination of the robot’s features to simulate an assertive and nonassertive behaviour. Based on the results, our last hypothesis was validated, the combination of vocal manipulations and posture can boost the perception of assertiveness in a social storyteller robot. Finally, based on the results, we believe that it is possible to ? d a suitable setting for a social robot to play the role of a storyteller with assertiveness trait.

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Audiences no longer accept that a character will film their final moments as they are being pursued by the servants of Hell. When it comes to films about birth, this movie is less terrifying than “The Miracle of Life. . More specifically, it doesn’t represent reality at all. These three dude-bros have a “Bro Code” where they all agree that they will stay single and have as many one-night stands as possible. The zero chemistry amongst the cast worries me, as Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan are leading next year’s Fantastic Four reboot. You’ve seen cities destroyed by far better blockbusters. “The opening of Age of Extinction truly settled the long debate of what killed the dinosaurs. Instead, he just removed Shia Lebouf and added Mark Wahlberg. She is no longer menacing and intimidating, instead she is just a scorned fairy that doesn’t believe in true love anymore. “Instead of adding beauty, the effects and creatures prove to be more of a background distraction than contributing to the story. “It’s a sad day when you can’t match the quality of Snow White and the Huntsman. . Maleficent took everything that made Maleficent a truly evil character and destroyed it by making her a reluctant babysitter.